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Comprehensive Data Collection

AutoDash provides automatic data collection, reducing the need for expensive human resources and time-consuming data gathering processes.

  • Automation
  • Efficiency
  • Resource Optimization

Automating data collection minimize manual efforts and reduces the chances of errors. At the same time, you speed up the overall analysis process freeing up your team for more strategic tasks.

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Data Visualization

Transform complex data into easy-to-understand visualizations to make informed decisions.

  • Clarity
  • Informed Decision Making
  • Customization

Turn complex, raw data into personalized visualizations, making it easier for you to draw insights and to make data-driven decisions that align with your objectives.


Scale your analysis and benchmarks to any geographical area in the world.

  • Global Reach
  • Flexibility
  • Growth Support

A truly global solution for urban analysis. Whether you're analyzing data for a small town or a mega city, AutoDash adapts to your needs with consistency and performace.

We ❤️ Open-Source

Built on the foundation of our open-source software, UrbanPy, AutoDash stands for the democratization of high-quality data and information.

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  • Community Driven
  • Transparency
  • Democratization of Data

Built on open-source software, AutoDash offers transparency, allowing you to see and understand how the software works and ensure accessibility to all.

We foster Open Source at our core

Leverage global datasets accesible from UrbanPy to analyze any geographical region you want with AutoDash.

Our platform brings together advanced technology and comprehensive datasets to revolutionize urban analysis.


UrbanPy is helping city governments, researchers, and analysts to build custom geospatial analyses from weeks or months to minutes or hours.

High Data Coverage

Allows easy access to worldwide open data from trusted sources integrating it seamlessly into your analysis tools.

Cost Reduction

By automating data collection and processing, AutoDash significantly lowers the cost of updating analysis results periodically.

"Urbanpy is a transversal tool that can help policymakers design policies based on data."

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Julia Dias
Digital Innovation Consultant at the Inter-American Development Bank

"We created a spatial (accessibility) model from school locations and demographics for two Brazilian cities right out of the box with the UrbanPy software."

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Rob Crystal-Ornelas, PhD
Data Analyst at GitHub

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AutoDash is a platform that automates the data collection, processing, and monitoring of geospatial indicators for urban analysis.

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